Barca boss furious after loss: ‘We never felt comfortable’

NewsBarca boss furious after loss: 'We never felt comfortable'

FC Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez wasn’t too impressed with the way his side played against Rayo Vallecano on Wednesday. The current LaLiga leaders fell to a 2-1 defeat and failed to increase the lead on Real Madrid to 14 points. After the match Xavi was frustrated with the intensity of his players but left room for understanding due to the tight schedule at the moment.

After the game Xavi was asked if his team lacked the motivation to beat league minnows Vallecano. “I don’t want to think that, but it’s difficult to win this League”, he hit back to the suggestion. “We can’t lack intensity, rhythm. We can’t afford it. The points total we had up to now was not normal. It’s been an intense game. We haven’t had control. We were never comfortable at any time and we played a bad game.”

But, Xavi then did admit that he felt his players did not gave their all to secure the win. “They have shown more intensity. They want to win La Liga, but the difficulty is clear. This ground required an excellent intensity and we have not had it. It is one of the reasons for taking us a deserved defeat.”


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