Barca fans angry with ‘overpriced’ tickets to fund Nou Camp rebuild

NewsBarca fans angry with 'overpriced' tickets to fund Nou Camp rebuild

Fans of FC Barcelona aren’t too happy with the decision of the club to increase the price of their season tickets for next season.

  • Barca fans angry with club
  • Tickets went up from 120 to 500 euro
  • President promises to lower prices

What is the news?

Barcelona fans have used social media to express their anger. The new Spanish champions have decided to significantly increase season ticket prices for next season when they will play at the Olympic Stadium during the major renovation of Nou Camp. The sale of the tickets has been quite disappointing so far and fans are calling on the club to take action.

The backstory

Barcelona will start the renovation of Camp Nou this summer. The renovation will cost about 1.5 billion euros. Because the stadium isn’t playable during the renovation, Barcelona temporarily moves to the Olympic Stadium. However, that stadium can only handle half the number of supporters that Barcelona normally receives at Camp Nou. To minimise the loss of about 50 percent in revenue, the Barcelona board decided to increase the prices of season tickets.

What next?

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has already responded to the angry fans and has admitted that they will be looking at the prices with the intention of lowering them for the fans. “We have found a solution to not raise the season tickets so much and we will announce it this week,” as per Diario AS. “The new price is more adjusted to the inconveniences that Montjuic entails. Members will see that we have thought of them. We will do something that all members will understand,” Laporta finished.


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