Barcelona and Real Madrid can’t use term ‘El Clasico’ anymore

NewsBarcelona and Real Madrid can't use term 'El Clasico' anymore

FC Barcelona and Real Madrid will not be able to use the term ‘El Clasico’ in their marketing outings anymore, confirms Relevo.

  • Barça & Real can’t use El Clasico
  • Clubs’ request to patent phrase denied
  • LaLiga owns rights to phrase ElClasico

What is the news?

Both Barcelona and Madrid have tried to request a patent on the phrase El Clasico. It has now been confirmed that the Patent and Brands Office in Spain have formally rejected that request, which means the clubs can’t use the term anymore in their marketing outings building up to the clash between the two Spanish giants. Reason for the rejection is that the PBO consider it too close to the slogan ElClasico, which is owned and used by the Spanish LaLiga.

What now?

Barcelona and Madrid will be joining forces in their bid to appeal to the decision. The two clubs would like to use and market the phrase during the build up of a match between them. This summer Barcelona and Madrid had the plan to play a friendly in North America and they were looking to use the term El Clasico. With the decision of the PBO, both clubs will have to think of a different phrase for now. An appeal is expected, but it is unclear when a decision will be made for that appeal.

What next?

An appeal against the decision is the first step. Should they be denied again, the clubs are looking to take the matter to an international court. The current situation and battle between the two clubs and LaLiga is the next issue in an over-arching war that has been going on for years now.


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