Cesc Fabregas compares Chelsea players to ’11 olives with no tactics’

NewsCesc Fabregas compares Chelsea players to '11 olives with no tactics'

Cesc Fabregas has hit out at Chelsea players as the former midfielder has compared them to ’11 olives with no tactics’ after The Blues lost 3-1 to Arsenal on Tuesday.

What’s the news?

Fabregas has been working as an pundit for Sky Sports since he retired from professional football this year. The Spaniard was reporting on the Premier League match between Arsenal and Chelsea and was shocked to see the current level of the club he served for four seasons between 2014 and 2018.

What did Fabregas had to say?

Speaking after the game, Fabregas said: “When I was little, I had a coach with 11 olives and he would throw them on the table with no tactics. This is how I see Chelsea. We saw two different sides. One was really well drilled and coached and Chelsea allowed that. Sometimes Chelsea, I couldn’t believe the tactical and technical mistakes. We are not used to it. They had World Cup winner, World Cup winner, World Cup finalists, Brazil captain. Sometimes it doesn’t matter. It is difficult. I feel for Lampard. I completely understand where he is coming from in a way. It is just sometimes about the players, you need to look in the mirror yourself and ask questions.”

In the background

With the loss Chelsea manager Frank Lampard is now on a six game losing streak. The Blues have dropped to 12th place on the Premier League table and could mathematically still relegate to the Championship. Chelsea have five games to play this season, including difficult games against Manchester City, Manchester United and Newcastle United. Whilst it seems unthinkable that Chelsea would relegate from the Premier League, it may be realistic if you consider the club’s current form and their upcoming opponents.


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