Dortmund defender rejects contract offer and waits for Barcelona

NewsDortmund defender rejects contract offer and waits for Barcelona

Borussia Dortmund defender could become FC Barcelona’s new ‘steal’ of the 2023 summer transfer window. The Belgian right-back has set his sight on a move to the Spanish giants and has reportedly rejected an offer to extend his contract beyond the summer of 2024. Reports from Spain have claimed that Meunier has asked Dortmund if he would be able to leave after the season.

Meunier joined Dortmund three seasons ago from Paris Saint-Germain and it is reported that the defender is keen on adding a new challenge to his career. Meanwhile, Barcelona have made their interest clear to Meunier’s management and the Spanish club would like to negotiate a deal with Dortmund. However, Barca’s financial situation would make it impossible for them to pay a transfer fee for Meunier.

The question is if Dortmund would agree to let the defender leave the club on a low fee or even as a free transfer. Earlier this season Meunier revealed that Barcelona made an approach to sign him in the summer of 2022: “They were looking for a reliable full-back, a physically strong player, complete and for an acceptable price given their financial situation. The club called me about the offer, but told me: ‘We’re sorry, you can’t leave”, he told HLN Sport.


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