Dortmund respond to Bellingham rumours: ‘We want to keep him’

NewsDortmund respond to Bellingham rumours: 'We want to keep him'

Borussia Dortmund will be doing everything in their power to keep Jude Bellingham at the club beyond this season, says director Sebastian Kehl.

  • No offers been made for Bellingham
  • Real Madrid could lose the transfer race
  • Premier League clubs re-ignite interest

What is the news?

Last week it was suggested by several media across Europe that Jude Bellingham would have accepted a contract offer from Real Madrid and that the Spanish club has initiated transfer negotiation talks with Dortmund. Now Dortmund director Sebastian Kehl has insisted that there has not been a bid and that the Germans have not talked to anyone from Madrid about a potential transfer for Bellingham.

What did Kehl say?

In an interview with ESPN, Kehl has played down the rumours: “We will try everything [to keep Bellingham] because we’re very ambitious, we want to keep the best players in our squad in this team and our club to perform. But to come back to Jude, there’s nothing to decide at the moment, there’s nothing on the table, no offer, no news. Jude is very focused on the next game, next weeks then we will decide how it develops.”

He was then asked about a potential record breaking bid from Madrid, forcing Dortmund to sell. Kehl responded: “I know how the business is. In the end, you have to react to that specific situation. There’s no guidelines, no description on what to do and not to do. We have to take everything into consideration, we are still coming [back] from Covid – €150m is a lot of money [that] we lost in the past. I fight for the team, the best players and Jude is one of them, we’ll see how this works.”

What next?

With the words of Kehl, the future of Bellingham remains unclear. It looked almost certain he would be moving to Madrid, but the comments made by the German sporting director have opened up potential moves to Manchester City and Manchester United.


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