Former Barca boss hits out at Laporta for Messi interest

NewsFormer Barca boss hits out at Laporta for Messi interest

Former FC Barcelona manager Ronald Koeman has hit out at club president Joan Laporta, stating the only reason he wants to bring back Lionel Messi is for his own reputation.

  • Koeman hits out at Laporta
  • Dutchman was sacked by Barcelona
  • Messi won’t return, says Koeman

What is the news?

Joan Laporta is the president who is responsible for the fact that Lionel Messi is currently playing for Paris Saint-Germain. The Spanish giants said their goodbye’s to Messi two years ago after the club wasn’t able to renew his contracts. The forward’s contract at PSG is now set to expire next month and Laporta has been using the media to confirm that he and his team are working on a comeback for Messi. According to Ronald Koeman, who was fired under Laporta, the club president wants to boost his own reputation by resigning Messi.

What did Koeman say?

Koeman was a guest on a Dutch tv show and there he was asked about the possible return of Messi. There he said: “What he wants to save is his own reputation, because he’s known as the man who let Messi leave”, he stated.

Koeman believes Messi will not be coming back to Barcelona. “Busquets will leave, and Jordi Alba won’t stay either and the 3 are good friends. It wouldn’t suprise me if they all went together to play in Miami or Saudi Arabia”.

The backstory

Koeman was the manager at Barcelona for a little more than 15 months before he was sacked by Laporta and replaced by Xavi. Under the former Barca midfielder, the club is currently on the way to reclaim the title in LaLiga.


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