Frank Lampard slams own Chelsea side after Brighton defeat

NewsFrank Lampard slams own Chelsea side after Brighton defeat

Chelsea caretaker boss Frank Lampard was left disappointed follwing Chelsea’s 2-1 home loss against Brighton and Hove Albion on Saturday. The Blues have now lost three games in a row under Lampard, who took over from Graham Potter two weeks ago. After the game the former England international did not hold back to slam his own team as Chelsea stayed in 11th position on the  table.

“I’m disappointed on every level,” Lampard said after the game. “The better team won. They could have won by more. They played like a team. They’ve been together a long time. [We were] not good enough. All the basic parts of football – to fight, to run – we were short on. [It’s] not a question of commitment as such. Some players physically couldn’t be able to play Wednesday, Saturday, Tuesday. Some of those changes were forced and some were opportunities. In a modern day squad, you have to be ready to come in. As a team, we were short today. Where can we get better quickly? For me, it’s the football basics.”

The basics need to be learned quickly by the Chelsea team as the Blues will face Real Madrid on Tuesday for the second leg of the Champions League quarter final. Chelsea lost the first leg 2-0 in Madrid. “There’s no point being too down, but we have to understand why today went the way it did,” he continued. “In football, a story can change very quickly. Real Madrid in the Champions League is the pinnacle of football. There’s things I’ll say to the players that I’ll keep in house. “Chelsea fans will be coming on Tuesday to see a team give everything to turn it round, and that’s what we have to do.”


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