Guardiola knows title is in City’s hands after big Arsenal win

NewsGuardiola knows title is in City's hands after big Arsenal win

Pep Guardiola has admitted that the title in the Premier League is now in the hands of Manchester City. The defending champions registered an impressive 4-1 win over league leaders Arsenal on Wednesday and are now two points of the top with two games in hand.

After the game Guardiola told reporters he thinks City are now the keepers of their own faith. “It was an important game, not decisive but important. We played very good. I know the opponent we played. They’re still top, I know it sounds naive what I’m saying but we are still behind. We are still there. Absolutely (I prefer) my position because now it’s in our hands.”

“I would love that these two games are six points but you have to win them, but I prefer it because it depends on us. Until today, I prefer the position in the Premier League of Arsenal because if Arsenal had beaten us it’s in their hands. But now it is in our hands. We cannot lose our focus. Now it’s in our hands. These next three games will dictate if we can do what we want to do.”

“The reality is we’re still behind Arsenal. It will not be easy for us, but it is game by game and we see what happens. When it’s in our hands, we have to use it,” he continued. “The players know it is necessary to say it is close and we need to win to stay in contention. That mentality where you have no option but to win is the best mentality to play. The players have shown they go into every match trying to win.”


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