Guardiola still hoping he could keep Gundogan: ‘He has everything’

NewsGuardiola still hoping he could keep Gundogan: 'He has everything'

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola still has hope that midfielder Ilkay Gundogan will decide to extend his expiring contract and stay at the Etihad Stadium beyond this season.

What is the news?

Gundogan has an expiring contract at Man City and there have been many rumours that the midfielder will be joining FC Barcelona on a free transfer next season. Gundogan’s agent recently rejected the rumours, but the links with the Spanish club have been there for weeks and are looking to intensify. Despite a possible free transfer, an official announcement or decision has not been made and that has kept the hope for Guardiola alive for keeping Gundogan at the club.

What did Guardiola say about Gundogan?

Talking to reporters after Man City’s 2-1 win over Leeds United, the Spaniard praised Gundogan: “It’s not necessary today for him to perform really well, score two goals to know exactly how I like this player how I enjoy all this time working with him and how I’d like to work with him in the future. It’s not necessary that Gundo scores two incredible goals or how good he played today, reading the spaces. He has everything, incredible running in the final third, what a hungry midfielder, how intelligent, how good he is.”

What will happen next?

Gundogan has been keeping still over his short-term future and has said multiple times he wants to focus on the current season. It will be interesting to see when the midfielder will announce his future plans. Will he sign a multi-year deal at Barcelona or will he decide to extend his stay at Man City and possible sign the last contract of his active career?


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