Lampard doesn’t care fans boo Chelsea players: ‘I defend the players’

NewsLampard doesn't care fans boo Chelsea players: 'I defend the players'

Frank Lampard suffered his fifth straight defeat on Wednesday since taking over the caretaker manager role at Chelsea. Brentford secured an easy 2-0 victory over Chelsea, leaving the Blues outside of the top ten in the Premier League. After the game Chelsea fans booed their own players of the pitch, something that does not hurt Lampard. After the game the English manager revealed that he will always defend his own players but understands the disappointment from the fans.

First Lampard congratulated Brentford on their win and downplayed the fact that his team has been underperforming once again on Wednesday. “Have you not watched Brentford in the last two or three seasons? Have you not seen them go and win at Man City earlier in the season?”

“Absolutely [the fans] worry because they’re used to 20 years of success and you want it more”, he continued. “I’ve no problem with the fans booing, I’m not sitting here to go against the fans and say: ‘Don’t boo the players’. I defend the players because I know that they’re young lads who want to do well. Is there an issue with confidence? Yeah. Is there an issue with the balance of the squad? Maybe, yeah.”

“But when I say people don’t understand [how hard the job is] I’m not patronising everybody and expecting them to have an idea of what’s going on behind the scenes, but when you work with it, you understand it’s the Premier League. If you think Brentford are going to come and turn you round and have corners and throw-ins and think you’re going to walk that game, that’s not the case any time.”

“But literally when you’re in this moment with a lack of confidence, then it can be difficult to win a game. And so when I hear I’m exonerating the players – far from it. I’m just supporting them in the fact that they’re in there disappointed because they performed like they wanted to win it.”


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