Leverkusen players blast Mourinho over ‘ugly football tactics’

NewsLeverkusen players blast Mourinho over 'ugly football tactics'

AS Roma boss Jose Mourinho has been blasted by the players of Bayer Leverkusen for using ‘ugly tactics’ as the Italian parked the bus on Thursday to claim a spot in the Europa League final.

  • Roma reach Europa League final
  • Won by a 1-0 aggregate
  • Leverkusen angry at Mourinho tactics

What is the news?

Roma managed to keep Leverkusen at a 0-0 draw on Thursday and with that draw, the Italians reached the final of the Europa League. Roma’s tactics angered the German side and after the game, Mourinho’s tactical choices were heavily critisised. Leverkusen earned 23 attempts on Thursday, with Roma not even hittingt he target once in the entire game.

What did they say?

Leverkusen midfielder Kerem Demirbay was frustrated with Mourinho’s tactics: “It’s a shame that in a semi-final at such a high level that this type of play can be rewarded. They made things very ugly at the end.”

What next?

Roma can now focus on the Europa League later this month. They will play Sevilla in the final, who managed to beat Juventus over two games. Roma’s next Serie A match will be after this weekend as they play Salernitana on Monday.


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