Martinez jokes on Messi joining Aston Villa: ‘I will grill every weekend’

NewsMartinez jokes on Messi joining Aston Villa: 'I will grill every weekend'

Aston Villa goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez has joked yet again by claiming he would ‘grill every weekend’ if Lionel Messi joins him in Birmingham.

  • Martinez jokes yet again
  • Goalkeeper prepared to ‘grill’ for Messi
  • Messi’s future still unclear

What is the news?

Lionel Messi will be out of a contract next month and at this point it is still unclear where the future of the Argentinian forward lies. If it was up to his friend and Argentina teammate Emiliano Martinez, the forward would be joining Aston Villa this summer. The flamboyant goalkeeper joked around during an interview, stating he would be prepared to take a massive wage-cut and cook for Messi and his friends if they want.

What did Martinez say about Messi?

Talking to a reporter from ESPN, Martinez said: “If (PSG fans) boo (Messi) I would take him to Villa. Come here, we feed your friends and I grill every weekend. I am ready to lower my salary for Messi, if necessary.”

The backstory

Martinez and Messi have been good friends ever since the Aston Villa goalkeeper became Argentina’s first choice goalkeeper. The two managed to win the Copa America and last year they won the World Cup. In both tournaments Martinez played a major role as he saved several penalties during both tournaments, including saving multiple penalties in the World Cup final against France.


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