Messi talks about future and alerts fans of FC Barcelona

NewsMessi talks about future and alerts fans of FC Barcelona

Lionel Messi has alerted FC Barcelona fans with some statements about his future. The Argentinian appeared this week in an advertising campaign for fashion brand Louis Vuitton and spoke about his future in a short interview. Messi said “I don’t know what’s next for me, what my future holds in store” and many Barcelona fans have become alert.

Messi has an expiring contract with Paris Saint-Germain and in recent weeks the Argentinian has been frequently linked with a return to his old club Barcelona. The Spanish powerhouse even admitted to having spoken to Messi and confirmed that the club will try to bring the Argentine back to the Camp Nou for next season.

“A horizon for me means looking towards the future, letting myself loose with my own imagination. Thinking about what could come next, what could happen and imagine a bit”, the current PSG player said. “I don’t know what lies ahead, what my future will be, but like I said at the start, I like to think about it, think about things which could happen. “But really I don’t know what lies ahead it ‘ll be what it ends up being, it’s got to be whatever God wants, and it will be.”


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