Messi’s father responds to rumours of world-record contract deal

NewsMessi's father responds to rumours of world-record contract deal

Lionel Messi has not signed a contract with Al-Hilal, or any other club for that matters, insists Messi’s father Jorge in a statement.

  • Messi has not signed a contract at Al-Hilal
  • Messi’s father has lashed out at the media
  • Barcelona return still possible for Messi

What is the news?

Earlier on Tuesday rumours emerged in France that Messi would have agreed to sign a world-record contract deal with Saudi Arabian club Al-Hilal to join them this summer after his contract at Paris Saint-Germain has ended. This news was quickly denied by outlets from Spain and that statement now seems to be backed by Messi’s father and agent, Jorge.

What did Messi’s father say?

In a short statement Messi’s father lashed out at the media: “We will not make a decision until after the season. There are always rumors and many use Lionel’s name to gain fame, but there is only one truth and that is that nothing is happening right now. There is no verbal agreement and nothing has been signed at all. We will only consider after this season.”

What next?

The denial of Messi’s father has opened up the door for a possible move to FC Barcelona being back on the table. While it is widely expected that the Spaniards do not have the financial capabilities to sign Messi this summer, it should never be ruled out as it is believed that a return to Barcelona would be Messi’s ideal move.


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