PSG suspend Messi for two weeks after trip to Saudi Arabia

NewsPSG suspend Messi for two weeks after trip to Saudi Arabia

Lionel Messi has reportedly been suspended by Paris Saint-Germain for at least two weeks after the Argentinian made an unauthorised trip to Saudi Arabia.

What’s the news?

After a short visit to Saudi Arabia, PSG have decided to take disciplinary actions against Messi. Various rumors from France claim that the attacker will be suspended for at least two weeks, making it possible he has played his final game for the club. L’Equipe even take it up a notch and write that this action from Messi has ensured that PSG has decided to immediately stop all contract negotiations with Messi.

What happened?

After PSG lost to FC Lorient (3-1) in Ligue 1 this weekend, the entire PSG team was expected to return to training on Monday. Messi didn’t appear and instead the attacker appeared to have made a short visit to Saudi Arabia at the request of a sponsor. Several pictures of Messi in the Middle East were posted on social media. Later on Tuesday PSG confirmed that the trip to Saudi Arabia wasn’t authorised by the club at all.

What is next?

With the upcoming suspension Messi will not be able to play for PSG until at least May 21st. But he will also not be paid during the full length of his suspension and he will not be allowed to train with the first team squad for the full two weeks.


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